We offer factoring to create cash flow as a legitimate way for sustaining and growing businesses. We recognize the importance of offering SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise) an alternate means of funding, that does not require pledging fixed assets as collateral.
Factoring allows companies to outsource credit and collections, and provides a built-in revolving line of credit. Traditional factoring gives businesses the opportunity to borrow against their invoices.
Invoice Factoring is a complete financial solution that combines credit management, working capital financing, accounts receivable funding, receivables bookkeeping, and collection services. We also offer Medical Factoring, Receivable Financing and small business loans for businesses in Kansas City Missouri.

After Employing Creekwater Invoice Finance LLC we were able to secure the funds needed to grow our business quickly. We have the cash flow we need to not only maintain our current business but to additionally grow it! Sometimes our clients are slow to pay but we still have financial obligations and need the funds.The process is easy and painless and I would reccomend it to anyone who has monthly invoicing. Factoring is priceless! Thank you Creekwater!
We started using Creekwater Invoice Finance LLC for 3 months ago and are very pleased with the service. It has allowed us the cash flow we need to ensure all payroll and payables are taken care of without waiting on clients to pay. Some of our national accounts have 45 day bill cycle's and with Creekwater Invoice Finance LLC we don't have to wait for the payments to arrive! The cost is minimal and well worth the security it affords us.
   • Accounts Receivable
   • Purchase Orders
   • Medical Receivables
   • Equipment Leasing
   • Asset Backed Lending
   • Construction
   • Transportation
   • Food & Catering
   • Cleaning and   Janitorial
   •Medical Providers
   • Healthcare
   • Physical Therapy
   • Staffing Agencies
   • Commerical
   • Landscape and   Lawn
   • Manufacturing
   • Marketing
   • Advertising
   We are an Invoice Factoring Company and provide working capital for busineses of any size.


Accounts Receivable financing (Factoring) is designed to help businesses improve cash flow by not waiting the typical 30, 60, 90, or even 120 days for a customer to pay.

Factoring and invoice discounting are commonly used products. We provide cash flow lending to all levels of business regardless of their size. This is driven by the demands of the market and the increasing sophistication of small business.

We finance both small and medium size enterprises. Advertising agencies, multi-media providers and Medical Factoring have become some of the fastest growing industries to take advantage of Factoring. What business wouldn’t prefer Invoice Lending for a small fee instead of waiting up to 120 days for payment?

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Offering: Receivable Financing, Medical Factoring, Cash Advance, Small Business Loans

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